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All of our programs can be adapted to suit the interests and understanding of pre-school children.

Children will learn about science by touching, feeling, and even tasting their science experiments. We leave children inspired and hungry to learn more. We spark imaginative learning!




Programs available for preschoolers:


WORLD OF WORMS - Zoom into the fascinating world of worms, using magnifying glasses and real, live worms!


ADVENTURES IN AIR -  Something is blowing in the wind. How? What makes it move? Discover the invisible power of air. It's a gas!


ANIMAL FRIENDS - Pretend you're out in the wild, identifying animal sounds and exploring camouflage.


BUGS! - Students will get to explore the world's most abundant animals.  How do bugs defend themselves?  What makes a bug an insect?  See through "bug eyes".


COLOR LAB - A rainbow of colors is yours to discover through the use of amazing chemical reactions.


DINOSAURS - Dig in, and become an assistant paleontologist by searching for fossils.


DRY ICE - Explore the 3 states of matter. Watch as we create a giant bubbling potion and a special cloud to sit on!


ENERGY & MOTION - Use toys to explore the concept of energy and how it gets things moving!


EYE TO EYE - Open your eyes and see the world through telescopes, binoculars and other instruments. Discover how our eyes work, plus the amazing tricks they can play. 


HUMAN BODY - Meet Mr. Bones and learn about muscles and body systems.


LET’S MEASURE - Learn the basics of measurement using balance beam scales and even your own feet!


LIFE IN THE SEA - Explore our world of underwater friends! Learn how fish move up-and-down and side-to-side, and what they eat for dinner!


LIGHTS ON - What is light? Shine some brightness on the subject through shadows and exploring the rainbow of light. (Classroom must be able to be darkened.)


LISTEN CLOSELY - Children will experiment with various tools to learn how sound travels and how we hear.


MAD MIXTURES - Mad Science will create a chemistry lab using regular household products! Watch baking soda and vinegar explode like a volcano and watch milk make beautiful pictures.


MAGNETIC ATTRACTION - You'll be drawn to these fun experiences with the poles and the power of magnets.


MINERAL MANIA - How do wind, water and heat turn mountains to sand?  Discover the Earth's evolution as it stands the test of time and the elements.


ROCKET DEMO - Discover the dynamics of rocket flight. Take part in a NASA-style launching of Stomp Rockets and Water Rockets that soar into the air and then return to earth.


SCIENCE OF MUSIC - Boom, tap, cha-cha-cha.  Feel, see, and hear the vibrations that help create the sounds and rhythm of music.


SHAPES & STRUCTURES - Discover different shapes and structures by using Geoboards and Magnatiles.


SPACE FRONTIERS - Boldly travel through the fantastic solar system, and sign-up for our Mad Science Astronaut in Training Program.


TASTE AND SMELL - Make sense of your senses, with a fabulous journey through your taste buds and sense of smell.


WATER WORKS - Gently down the stream... Learn all about the fascinating properties of water including absorption and surface tension.


WEATHER WONDERS - Rain, snow, sleet, and hail.  Whatever the condition outside, have fun learning about thermometers, rain, and wind speed.



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